Friday 24 January 2014

Fixing errors in XBRL Instance documents again

You can find a previous example in the post "Fixing errors in XBRL Instance documents" and an introduction to XBRL data errors here.

The next example is a little more subtle. Wrong but not immediately obvious, unless you are trying to model some business sectors, perhaps using our Sector3 product! - find loads more info on our award winning product here.

Boeing in their 2012 10-K slightly changed the tag for one of their top level business segments in one of the sections showing data for their businesses. It was referring to exactly the same segment (the label i.e. the description was the same) but the tag was different. A mistake - someone wasn't paying attention. In fact with reference to the previous example, they created an entirely bogus "context" for this identical segment.

So we got rid of it, replacing all connections to it with the correct context reference (shown below). In fact there was more than one wrong context so they all went the same way.

There was a little more work to do here than previously as a tag comes with a panoply of associated data - labels, definitions & the like, all of which we felt it was prudent to remove. Details were as ever recorded in the "xsd" file as shown below.

The consequence of this error was that data was missing for assets in Boeing's Defense, Space And Security business. Well it isn't anymore in Sector3.

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