Friday 10 February 2017

Has the dream come true? - show me how I can see 10 years of XBRL data

This is the latest installment in what seems to be turning out to be a series - catch the start here - has the dream come true?

After my last post, I thought I really ought to show you all this data. Provide the evidence as it were. We've just added a few new bits and pieces to Xbrl Sheet so I also I thought it would be a good way to bring you upto date with what we've being doing over at XBRL to XL.

So it looks like this.

And you can see how I created this in next to no time (and how you can do the same) here.

And if you just can't wait and want to get hold of the data in a hurry for Neflix (or any company), you can download the Xbrl Sheet from here. Just pick up a token from the website and fire away.

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