Wednesday 17 June 2020

XBRL API Quarterly Data Call

As explained in our Getting Started guide, We have set up an Excel sheet to make it really easy to start quickly pulling data back using Beryl, our API. All you have to do is fill in the coloured boxes in any of the sheets and run the query to bring back a time series for your chosen data point.

An API call for quarterly data works in much the same way as for annual values. However to bring back Quarterlies, three more boxes come into play. except this time they are black.

 Black Boxes  - these either represent fixed elements of the API path or ones that have a small set of finite values so we have rigged them up as drop downs in Excel.

 Black Box  - Annual? Default value is "yr" but you can select "q" to see quarterly values instead.

 Black Box  - Quarter. Selecting "q" brings this box into play where you can select which quarter 1,2, or 3. You can also specify "123" to get all quarterlies for a year. NOTE: "12" etc will not bring back 1st and 2nd Quarters. Only "123" works for multiple quarters in a year. If this is set to "4", and the next box is set to "ytd", it will bring back the annual figures.

 Black Box  - YTD. Setting this to "ytd" as opposed to blank will bring back cumulative figures for the year - the Year To Date.

Orange Boxes work just like they do for annual amounts. So if you set the date to 2019, it will bring back the quarter you selected (e.g. 2) for the reporting year ending in that year. And if you set Years to 5, you will get a times series of quarter 2's going back 5 years.

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