Thursday 5 November 2020

Getting Tickers and Other Company Details Back with an XBRL API Data Call


There are three relevant Endpoints when trying to find a company to download.

1. cos/try (as shown above) enables you to search on a company name. Input at least five letters into the Company Box and it will return a list if matching companies when you refresh the query (Alt F5) as shown below.

2. cos/ will search by Ticker or CIK to return an exact match. In the case of a Ticker, it may return more than one result as it will show all the different companies that have used that Ticker since Companies have filed XBRL. The most common reason why two companies may have used the same Ticker would be where a company has morphed into a different legal entity so two companies, two CIK's. Don't worry when bringing back results we handle this by mapping the same Ticker to both companies to bring back a seamless series of results. Note: CIK's never change whereas Tickers for a company can.

3. cos/industry. You can use a SIC code with this Endpoint to bring back all companies with the same SIC. You could copy then SIC code for a target company into the industry box, select this Endpoint and the query will return all the companies operating in the same industry.

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